Taste of Summer

Well, summer is wrapping up. Andrew starts his courses for his graduate degree tomorrow. The next 12 weeks will be filled with many long days for all of us. I’m so proud of Andrew for going back after being screwed by the university the first time he was going to get his Masters and I know he’ll work his butt off the finish and make his dreams of being a professor some day come true. Yesterday I had to move a session because morning and afternoon rain made of mess of my shoot location, so we sat at home and had a nice quiet night. Ate some german food for dinner and then sat on the porch and had popsicles. Eisley ate her very own popsicle all by herself for the first time. It was pretty adorable and totally messy but oh well. I love watching her experience new things, it’s like reliving those moments myself. What a complete blessing that is.

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