13 Weeks – Little Baby Harnois #2

So, at 12 weeks pregnant we decided to finally announce we were expecting after going to our first appointment and hearing our little sweethearts heart thumping on the doppler for the first time. 160 beautiful beats per minute. I could listen to that perfect sound alllll day.

My nausea gave me a break for a couple of days but came back full force unfortunately. Andrew and I celebrated Valentines day at Mulligans and Eisley stayed home and hung out with her Aunt Ashley and watched movies and had a hearty corn dog dinner. Girlfriend loves her some corn dogs, what can I say?

This week we started asking Eisley if she was having a brother or sister. It changes daily, of course. Yesterday we asked her to help pick baby names to which she responded “Sister! Diamond Brown!” I don’t think that one will be making the list, but the effort was appreciated 🙂

I also decided this week that my wardrobe sucks and I must go shopping. All the bump concealing shirts from before are a slowly not so concealing. But I basically still have giant taco dinner belly versus a baby belly so I’m not quite sure what I should wear. Fashionista friends, help! Advice is welcome!

baby bump webtwo


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