4 Weeks – Little Baby Harnois #2

I’ll admit it. After getting pregnant with Eisley our first try, we were pretty naive. So when we decided to try for Baby number two, it was disheartening when half a year into trying we still weren’t pregnant. Six cycles of negative tests was not fun. We know others had and have it much worse, but there was still nothing fun about month after month of negative pregnancy tests. So on December 21st, right before Christmas, we didn’t expect it to be any different. We woke up and decided to take a test. I laid down on Andrew’s back. He rubbed my back and we waited for the timer to go off. And it did. And we looked. Two lines. Two BEAUTIFUL lines. I sobbed. Andrew squeezed me so hard and kissed me. SO much joy.

This pregnancy started off fairly similar to Eisleys. I was INSTANTLY bloated (as you’ll notice below). Even worse than with my pregnancy with Eisley (and still am, apparently that’s just part of pregnancy for me– yay, right?). And then just like that it was much more. NAUSEA. Hurl City, population – Nicole. And here, at almost 14 weeks, it’s still kicking my butt. C’mon second trimester– PLEASE treat me better than the first has. I’ll pay you in cookies.

Oh and in case you’re wonder, unfortunately I haven’t been as consistent at taking photos of my bump this go around. The weeks that ARE documented are the ones on which I had enough energy to get out of bed and walk outside in order for Andrew to snap a pic or two. Sorry!



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